We envision a distributed macro-farm considerate of communities and environment. With a dairy herd that produces quality

and traceable milk enabling us to safeguard the milk all the way. We respect the life of animals and increase yields by balanced

rations, excellent veterinarian services and great farm management.  What happens at each farm will be monitored, we

compare and learn from it, share best practice. We envision synergy and economies of scale. We provide an alternative to jobs

in the city for men and women so families can stay united. Together we can turn mother’s nature most healthy produce into

products that our customers like, need and want.

smart | dairy inside

Access to markets, technologies and funds. A proven new approach now accessible for high growth emerging markets. With smart | dairy inside small scale farming can make a leap into the 21st century. smart | dairy works with small farms, creates a macro farm so we can act as one. Together we produce high quality milk for a healthy world.

Farm with us

smart | dairy and the Kakamega Dairy Development Company are co-developing dairy farming in Kakamega county, Kenya. We are looking for aspirational dairy farmers.

Start a dairy hub

smart | dairy focuses on high growth emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America. With a local joint venture partner we set up dairy hubs in areas that are suitable for dairy farming.

Invest in dairy farming

Our connected farmers will form a macro-farm considerate of communities and environment. Together we will provide safe and healthy milk. Become part of smart | dairy

Latest news

smart | dairy

Only one can be the first

Walter Manyenya is the first ever smart | dairy farmer. He will be producing dairy at Bukura in Kakamega. Soon he will be joined by Jane, Charles and Washington and many more smart | dairy farmers will follow in the near future. This first smart | dairy farm is a start of a whole new way […]

aaron and maria farm management smart|dairy Kenya in Kakamega

Farm management extension team takes off

With the arrival of Aaron and Maria in Kakamega the Kenyan team is growing. Together with the franchisees they will run the first four farms. Both have been working as trainer-dairy farmers in Nicaragua and have broad experience for full back up of the Franchisees. While the first plot is being prepared for the Farm-in-the-Box. […]

smart|dairy site bukura kenya kakamega

First smart|dairy site in Bukura developed

Preparation of the Bukura smart | dairy site is in full swing. The land is prepared for the foundation of the barn. And trenches for the biodigester and the silage bank are being dug. Within a few weeks this site will be equipped with the Farm-in-the-Box  and fully operational. It is with proud that we […]

smart dairy kenya kakamega board oparanya

Kenyan board meets in Hilversum

On april the 14th  the board meeting of smart | dairy Kenya Ltd. was held at the smart | dairy head office in Hilversum. Chairman, Wycliffe Oparanya and Deputy CEO, Martin Rogers where invited to have this meeting in Hilversum so they could also meet the smart | dairy team in the Netherlands. smart | dairy […]

smart dairy farmers in training

First smart|dairy farmers start their training

After thorough selection the first aspirational farmers have entered the smart|dairy training. They will be operating the first smart | dairy farms in Kakamega County, Kenya. While the turnkey farms are on the way to Kenya the franchisees will be fully trained and prepared when they take on their own business as smart|dairy farmer. All farmers are […]


Farm-in-the-Box ready for shipment

The first four of many to come will set sail for Kenya. We are shipping state-of-the-art dairy technology to Kenya. Together with our partner The County Government of Kakamega, we wish to develop the dairy industry in Kakamega, Kenya. In a few weeks after arrival the turnkey farms, with feed, cows, farm management and franchisees […]


Joint Venture Kenya sealed during official ceremony

During a ceremony on the 19th of January the Joint Venture Contract between Kakamega Dairy Development Company and smart | dairy Coöperatief U.A. was officially signed by H.E Hon Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya, Governor of Kakamega and Peter Paul Coppes of smart | dairy. The first four farms will be established in March and during the year more will follow.   […]


smart | dairy seeks Investors to make an impact on Kenyan smallholder farmers

For the first investor round (Tranche A) we are looking for investors that believe in us, believe in the company and would like –with us – make an impact on smallholder farmers. A breakthrough initiative in the upstream market for dairy. If you are interested in receiving an investment proposal and term sheet please contact Mr. […]

project manager smart dairy

Vacancy project planner / supply chain planner

(2 months full-time / then part-time) For the installation of our farms in Kenya we are looking for a (logistic) project planner. He or she will responsible to work with 2 Dutch suppliers, 1 Indian supplier and several local suplliers in Kenya, a logistic provider in the Netherlands, India and Kenya. smart | dairy is […]

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