We envision a distributed macro-farm considerate of communities and environment. With a dairy herd that produces quality

and traceable milk enabling us to safeguard the milk all the way. We respect the life of animals and increase yields by balanced

rations, excellent veterinarian services and great farm management.  What happens at each farm will be monitored, we

compare and learn from it, share best practice. We envision synergy and economies of scale. We provide an alternative to jobs

in the city for men and women so families can stay united. Together we can turn mother’s nature most healthy produce into

products that our customers like, need and want.

smart | dairy inside

Access to markets, technologies and funds. A proven new approach now accessible for high growth emerging markets. With smart | dairy inside small scale farming can make a leap into the 21st century. smart | dairy works with small farms, creates a macro farm so we can act as one. Together we produce high quality milk for a healthy world.

Start a dairy hub

smart | dairy focuses on high growth emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America. With a local joint venture partner we set up dairy hubs in areas that are suitable for dairy farming.

Invest in dairy farming

Our connected farmers will form a macro-farm considerate of communities and environment. Together we will provide safe and healthy milk. Become part of smart | dairy