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Farm management extension team takes off

With the arrival of Aaron and Maria in Kakamega the Kenyan team is growing. Together with the franchisees they will run the first four farms. Both have been working as trainer-dairy farmers in Nicaragua and have broad experience for full back up of the Franchisees. While the first plot is being prepared for the Farm-in-the-Box. Aaron and Maria are working on the other important components; cattle and feed.


Apply to become a smart | dairy farmer

smart | dairy is looking for aspirational dairy farmers to become part of the smart | dairy network in Kakamega county, Kenya. Are you based in Kenya, between 25 and 35 years, have a university degree? And do you see a future in entrepreneurial diary farming? smart | dairy than invites you to complete step 1 of the 4-step selection procedure and apply.


Join the smart | dairy network

smart | dairy focuses on high growth emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Feasibility studies are undertaken together with potential partners to ensure that the smart | dairy approach can be implemented successfully. Key criteria for success are:

  • An average temperature of 25 – 30 degrees.
  • Sufficient rainfall throughout the year.
  • Privately owned farming land of around ten acres per farm of 25 cows.
  • Possibility to set up a hub of farm units of around 25 cows.
  • Infrastructure supporting development of economical and sustainable dairy farming.
  • Dairy products are part of the daily diet.
  • Dairy market in excess of 2,0 b litres of milk and a sizable market for high quality dairy products.

Does your region meet the key criteria for success and would you like to start a smart | dairy joint-venture, contact us.

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