First smart | dairy farmers start their training

After thorough selection the first aspirational farmers have entered the smart|dairy training. They will be operating the first smart | dairy farms in Kakamega County, Kenya. While the turnkey farms are on the way to Kenya the franchisees will be fully trained and prepared when they take on their own business as smart|dairy farmer.

All farmers are young Kenyans with bachelor degrees who believe in the future of economic dairy farming. They are the first of a growing group of connected farmers and apart from the technical training there will also be focus on how to be each others sparring partner.

smart | dairy farmers trainingsmart|dairy, kakamega, kenyaThe initial training is a full time training of several weeks, but training and assistance will be ongoing. The training focuses on daily farming practice with Life skill’s for dairy safety, animal welfare, milk quality, fodder composition and on site production being some of the major topic. It is a practical training that is at times, literally, very down to earth. Although technology drives progress in dairy farming there will still be a lot of hands-on work that needs to be done. Certainly when you, like smart | dairy, believe in farming at an eco-friendly scale.


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